Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Give your head a shake and see what happens

For the past three months I have been categorizing and classifying behavioural idiosyncracies and one in particular has me quite fascinated with the results. People who are right brain dominant - characterized by the higher functionality of intuition and sensate awareness tilt their heads naturally to the right. Left brain dominants - rational types who prefer having an analytical or emotional process for deciding information and keeping tabs on things (as opposed with right brainers who prefer open-endedness and spontaneity) tilt their heads to the left.

Obviously, this observation takes time and involves some screening to avoid misinterpreting the physical gesture due to a particular circumstance or condition. But for the most part, people quite naturally do follow this simple behavioural pattern.

So, if you tilt to the right, chances are that you also close your right eye when you wink, or look into a single lense microscope with your left eye. And if you left tilt you're more than likely to train your right eye as your "shootin eye".

What makes this fascinating is that we all use both sides of our brain to do all kinds of complex and wonderful tasks. Maybe you see yourself as a left brain organizer BUT you tilt to the right. Well, my word on that is also quite fascinating. When right brained people step up to the plate and employ left brained behaviours - they almost invariably do so to the extreme. As an example most literary critics and editors are right brained INFJs. But whenever they let go with their critical red pens on an unsuspecting author whose work is in need of more work - they do so in the extreme and their left brained judging style is both unmistakable and sharp.

ENFPs are right in there too when it comes to switching styles from their usual right brained confidence and optimism to their "dark side" emotionally judgmental self. Not to be left out ESTPs, ISTJs, ISFJs and ESFPs can also get pretty feisty and overuse their left brained judging faculties when faced with having to hang out on their alternate side of the brain. What this means is that people who go overboard with their behaviours either for better or for worse do so because there is no real guardian or control telling them when to stop, or when enough is enough. Like Forrest Gump they keep on running past the goal line and don't know when to quit.

So the next time you observe someone pay attention to the way they naturally tilt their head, or specifically which eye is lower in reference to the horizontal midline of the skull. Recognizing this quirky behaviour may make all the difference in understanding them better and being able to express yourself in ways that will make the conversation more meaningful. And for all of you out there who are wondering - I tilt to the right and probably those who go left may have more than an alternate opinion on this subject.

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