Monday, February 16, 2009

Where's Your Gas Cap?

Let me introduce you to the question that most successful people love to answer. It’s a question that gets an immediate response. Sadly, few people realize the power of asking questions that begin with the word “Where?” Most people can answer questions that begin with “What?” Folks love to tell you what to do, or what you need to know. “What?” questions reveal ideas and create either very short or very long answers. But most people aren’t really looking for “What?” question answers. People today are more independent, they’re savvy and they really are more interested in where to find stuff. Here’s an example: “Where did you find that?” Or, “Tell me where you got your Start from?”

“Where’s the gas cap on my rental car?” becomes a big issue when you need to get gas! Which side of the gas pump do you need to drive on? So “Where is your gas cap?” Or better yet, “Where is the Start Line for the race you are running in next?” See, lf you don’t know where the start line is you can’t compete; no matter how good you are or how hard you’ve trained. Coming up with good answers to “Where’s Your Start Line?” isn’t easy. For some people it seems like you could almost start anywhere you like. What does it really matter? Funny thing is, it matters a lot to successful people. Actually, what I’ve noticed is that they usually combine “Where?” and “When?” questions whenever they are planning for short term and longer term success.

So, here’s a great Tip: the next time someone shares with you her own or his own success story start off by asking them “Tell me where you got your Start from?” Their answer to that question alone will give you a new perspective in answering your own question “So now, Where do I begin?” because if you only stick with asking “What?” and jump next to asking “How?” you’ll stop dead in your tracks. Asking too many “How?” questions may be the obstacle that confronts you everyday and limits your potential. I’m certain if you take the time to first ask “Where’s my Gas Cap?” you won’t spend a lot of time and energy at the pumps and get a better start on your next challenging adventure.

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